A Brick custom element. Flips between two content elements with a CSS Animation, similar to flipping a playing card.


Check it live!


  1. Import Web Components polyfill:

     <script src="bower_components/platform/platform.js"></script>
  2. Import Custom Element:

     <link rel="import" href="src/brick-flipbox.html">
  3. Start using it:



Attribute Options Default Description
flipped boolean false True if the flipbox is flipped to the back.
direction string right The flip direction. Can be left, right, up and down.


Method Parameters Returns Description
toggle() None. Nothing. Toggle the flipbox.
showFront() None. Nothing. Show the front side.
showBack() None. Nothing. Show the back side.


Event Description
flipend Triggers when the flipping is complete.

triggering reveal on one of the elements inside the flipbox, will reveal the corresponding side.


Brick components use Stylus to generate their CSS.

This repository comes outfitted with a set of tools to ease the development process.

To get started:

While developing your component, there is a development server that will watch your files for changes and automatically re-build your styles and re-lint your code.

To run the development server:

To simply build and lint your code, run gulp build.

You can also push your code to GitHub Pages by running gulp deploy.